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Fully automatic planetary mixing jacketed kettle

Mainly composed of pot body, frame body, mixing system, heating system, speed-regulating transmission device, mixing shaft, pot turning system, etc., through automated design and manufacturing, it can save manpower, increase output and reduce production costs for enterprises. The equipment is easy to operate, high working efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life, compact structure, convenient maintenance, etc. It is a mixer with excellent performance

1. Pot body: The pot body of this product is a semi-spherical stainless steel pot body formed by one-step stamping, the overall roundness error is small, and the agitator and the pot body are highly adhered to avoid the phenomenon of pot sticking.

2. Heating system: Various heating forms such as steam (jacket heating (steam)), gas, electric heating, thermal oil, electromagnetic heating, etc. are available for customers to choose from.

Steam: Natural wind heating or blower heating, flame size is adjustable. The temperature rises quickly, the temperature is high, and the surface of the pot can reach hundreds of degrees, so that the material can completely achieve the effect of frying through the Maillard reaction. It has full combustion, high thermal efficiency and even heating of the pot body. Compared with similar products, it can save energy by 40%. The burner is ring-shaped and surrounds the bottom of the pot. It can be heated by coal gas, liquefied gas, and natural gas.

Electric heating heat conduction oil: It has a large heating area, controllable temperature and uniform heating.

Gas: Gas is easy to use and has a fast heating speed. It can meet the high temperature requirements of some products and is not limited by factory voltage.

Electromagnetic: fast heating, can take into account the color and fragrance of the product, 20% energy saving than similar products, environmental protection and pollution-free.

3. Mixing system: The mixing method adopts a special tilting rotation, so that the planetary agitator is in full contact with the pot body, and the non-integer rotation ratio of rotation and revolution is realized, so that there is no dead corner in the pot, and the material is stirred and mixed more uniformly. The agitator is adopted. The PTFE scraper has a high degree of adhesion to the pot body, and the bottom scraping is more thorough, and the pot sticking phenomenon is not easy to occur.

4. Speed regulating transmission device: the mixing shaft uses advanced rotation and sealing structure to make the pot clean and hygienic; the speed regulation adopts frequency conversion speed regulation power, and the operation is stable.

5. The pot body turning system: hydraulic lifting method, realizes the hydraulic tilting and pouring after the stirring and the pot body are separated. It can be tilted at an angle of 90°, and the pouring material has no dead corners, easy to clean, and reduces labor intensity.

Manual: The whole pot is turned and discharged manually through a worm wheel and a worm, which is safe, stable and reliable.

6. The frame parts are all made of 304 stainless steel and polished, which meets the requirements of the “Food Sanitation Law of the People’s Republic of China”. It has beautiful appearance, reasonable design, compact structure, convenient installation, simple operation and easy maintenance.

7. The model can be divided into 100L, 200L, 300L, 400L, 500L and other specifications according to the actual volume. Products with unconventional capacity can be processed and customized.

It is suitable for the stirring, heating, cooking and frying of various high-viscosity sauces: baking fillings and frying industry (jam, lotus paste, bean paste, fruit paste, candied fruit, jujube puree), meat products cooked food processing industry (lowei, meat sauce, beef sauce) , Seafood sauce), condiment industry (hot pot bottom material, instant noodle sauce, Xiangqi sauce), confectionery industry (jam, sugar), vegetable corn processing industry (mushroom sauce, chili sauce), hotel supplies and fast food (canteen boiled Soup, cooking, stew, porridge) and other food processing industries.


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Post time: Dec-20-2021