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Implementing safety production requirements, SHENLONG convenes safety production meetings

In order to achieve production goals and ensure production quality under the premise of better ensuring the safety of workers, Shenlong Machinery Factory held a safety production meeting, which made important clarifications and arrangements for safety work and safety responsibilities.

The meeting mainly studied and discussed how to implement the national safety production guidelines and policies. Review, decompose and evaluate the company’s safety target management plan and implementation, study and resolve major hidden dangers, and propose countermeasures at the meeting, formulate solutions and preventive measures, coordinate the division of labor and collaboration of various departments in the hidden danger handling process, and specify hidden dangers The specific person in charge of the rectification and the requirements and time limit for the rectification of hidden dangers, review the main hidden dangers of production safety of the enterprise, review and pass the handling decisions and notifications on the main hidden dangers, etc.

Shenlong Machinery Factory is a professional manufacturer of sterilization pots and jacketed pots. It has advanced machining, automatic welding and other technologies, as well as a complete set of processing, welding and inspection equipment. The technical department is mainly engaged in the R&D and production of food sterilization kettles, sandwich pots, and zongzi pots. The company has always paid attention to safe production and has strict requirements on quality. The company’s safety production work has been proceeding in an orderly manner. However, we still cannot ignore some hidden problems in production, and some working methods and cognitive concepts need to be further optimized and perfected. Try our best to ensure the safety of personnel and production, and eliminate potential safety hazards in the bud.

Safety is an important guarantee for production, and potential safety hazards are the biggest cost. Correctly coordinating the relationship between production and safety is conducive to further liberating productivity and realizing further improvement in production management.

Post time: Aug-31-2021