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Inspection items before the daily operation of the sterilization pot

1) Check that the display of each instrument is normal;

2) check whether the manual operation of each valve and pump is normal

3) Check whether the pipeline and the pot body are leaking

4) Check whether the liquid level indicator is normal, whether the glass tube has good transparency, whether the liquid level rises and falls smoothly, and whether the water quality is good.

5) Air pressure value (above 0.6Mpa);

6)Steam pressure value (between 0.4-0.6Mpa);

7) Water level or pressure of water supply tank;

8) When equipped with a pressure regulator, please refer to the relevant operating instructions;

9). Equipped with a temperature controller, please refer to the relevant operating instructions;

10) Please refer to the inverter manual for inverter operation;

11) It is strictly forbidden to knock the pot body during the production process of the sterilization pot;

12) The power supply of the sterilization pot should be cut off after the production is completed, and the hot water tank does not need to discharge the pressure in the pot when it is long.


Post time: Nov-15-2021