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Several points that need to be paid attention to when operating the sterilization pot

1). During the sterilization process, when an alarm event occurs, first confirm whether the event has an impact on the sterilization process. If the impact is not significant, you can continue and close the alarm box; for example, there is pressure in the pot and the air pressure is short time Over-low, when sterilizing, temperature fluctuation alarm, etc. If the alarm event has a great impact, or the sterilization cannot be carried out, press the pause button. After the alarm event or fault is processed, release the pause button and continue operation according to the current steps; for example, the sensor is destroyed, the water pump is overloaded, air, steam The pressure is over low for a long time.

2) If there is a sudden power failure during the sterilization process, or during the sterilization step, the air, water or steam is insufficient, etc., it is manually stopped; after the power is turned on, or when the air, water, or steam pressure is sufficient, if you need to restart the operation, you can directly press The sterilization button is enough; if you want to return to the steps before the power failure or the steps when the power is stopped, first press the pause button, then press and hold the alarm release button with one hand, and press the sterilization button with the other hand , The sterilization process can be switched to the next step, press the sterilization key again, the sterilization process will be switched to the next step until the required step is reached.

3). The alarm release key is used to release the alarm event, mainly to release the alarm sound. The screen alarm needs to be confirmed or closed in the pop-up alarm box

4) When opening the pot door, it is required that the pressure in the pot is 0, the temperature is lower than 50 degrees, and the water level is below 10C


Post time: Nov-15-2021