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The advantages of Shenlong professionally conditioning the sterilization pot

The principle of high-temperature sterilization pot for conditioning food Three-pot series sterilization tank for roast duck high-precision sterilization equipment

1) Indirect heating and indirect cooling, cooling water and process water do not contact, avoiding secondary pollution of food, and no need to use water treatment chemicals. High temperature and short time sterilization.

2) Reduce steam consumption. Steam and atomized sterilizing water are directly mixed in the sterilization kettle to increase the speed of heating and cooling.

3) A small amount of process water is circulated quickly, and the predetermined sterilization temperature is quickly reached.

4) Water is sprayed from different angles, and steam, air and water are mixed and convective to form a perfect temperature distribution.

5) Low noise, creating a quiet and comfortable working environment.

6) The temperature sensor tan head is equipped in the kettle, which can monitor the F value of the food center and the heat distribution in the kettle at any time, and know the heat penetration (the time for the temperature to reach the geometric center of the food from the surface of the food)

7) Perfect pressure control, the pressure in the whole production process is constantly adjusted to adapt to the changes in the internal pressure of the product packaging, especially suitable for products with gas packaging.

8) The industrial water preheating system (optional) can ensure the continuous heating process of warm and hot filled products.

9) Demineralized water is used for sterilization water (optional) to avoid contamination of outer packaging due to water quality problems of process water.

10) Steam sterilization function (optional)

The advantages of Shenlong professionally conditioning the sterilization pot

Post time: Oct-21-2021