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Automatic water immersion autoclave retort for food industry

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Water immersion retort/autoclave is that the product is immersed by water. This kind of retort is suitable for big pouches, PP/PE bottles, etc.

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Water immersion retort/autoclave is that the product is immersed by water. This kind of retort is suitable for big pouches, PP/PE bottles, etc.


Features Of Retort

1. Process water is pre-heated in top water tank, so products can be heated rapidly. And process water can be recycled, so continuous production can save consumption of steam and water. 

2. Our retort is safe:

Our retort door is interlock to guarantee the door’s sealing.

All retort body is detected in our detecting room to check if the welding is good。

Equipped with safety valve, when retort has problems, can manual opening the safety valve to relief pressure.

3. Our electric parts are Siemens and Schneider to guarantee our machine’s stable running.

4. Perfect temperature and pressure control to guarantee product quality

Product features

 The sterilization pot is divided into upper and lower layers. The upper tank is mainly used to recover hot water. The sterilization performance is completed by the lower tank. In order to ensure that the temperature of the lower tank is uniform, the sterilization has no dead ends, the hot water in the pot circulates quickly and the computer control is more intuitive.

To make it more convenient, we took the following steps:

 1. According to product requirements, first preheat the upper pot to about 0-120℃ (adjustable according to the product process), fill the sterilization pot with all the goods while preheating, close the pot door, and open the interlocking device.

2. After pumping the upper tank water into the sterilization pot to the water level gauge, the water level transmitter outputs 4-20 Majn to the PLC control system, and the water pumping system is automatically closed to circulate the hot water in the pot.

3. During the cycle, in order to ensure the uniformity of the water outlet in the pot, a three-point series connection is adopted, connected with a φ108 pipe, and then a large-diameter water pump is used for heating (this hot water exchanger avoids direct heating in the pot) When it is warm, the steam will directly contact the goods, making some of the goods high in temperature), and then pass through eight points in the pot (eight points, divided into two points up, down, left and right) to make hot water directly into the sterilization pot For circulation, a flow conversion valve is arranged in the middle of the pipeline to make the hot water flow alternately and uninterruptedly to ensure that the temperature in the pot is even.

4. When the hot water is circulating, if the barrel of the sterilization pot is longer and the distance between each point is longer, in order to make the hot water flow more evenly, a stainless steel pipe is used as the guide, and a water outlet hole is punched on one side of the pipe. The cross-sectional area of the quincunx tube is 1.2 times the cross-sectional area of the small hole). Taking into account the resistance of water, the tube hole is first small and then large, and the hot water in the pot is circulated once every time.

5. The sterilization pot can reach the predetermined temperature within a few minutes when the temperature is raised. During the heating process, with the rise and fall of the temperature and a slight change in the temperature at the constant temperature, the steam film regulating valve adjusts the steam input to ensure that the temperature will not be reversed. Rush. (This steam film regulating valve outputs a 4-20mA current signal through a temperature integrated transmitter and inputs it into the PLC programming for uninterrupted closing and opening adjustments until it closes.) The steam film regulating valve changes with temperature adjust. 6. When pressure is maintained, the pressure is automatically maintained through the integrated pressure transmitter. The pressure in the pot can be set first, and the pressure will be automatically discharged when the pressure is high, and the pressure will be automatically supplemented when the pressure is low. After the bacteria are killed, the hot water in the pot is pumped to the upper pot. 7. The sterilization pot opens the cooling circulation pump when the temperature is lowered, and is equipped with an overflow valve. When the sterilization pot is used for a long time, part of the hot water in the pot can be discharged through the overflow valve to ensure that the product in the pot is released in a short time. Cool to the set temperature.

Work Principle

The retort principle is based on direct steam injection to heat the water in top tank to the pre-set temperature in combination with continuous circulation of process water and with application of compressed air if necessary, this allows minimizing the sterilization temperature without any risk on damage of the container, which results in the shortest process time and thus a better product quality.

Steam is directly injected into the retorts to heat, avoiding steam waste, saving energy.

Compressed air can be applied during the complete processing cycle, it can be programmed in accordance to the process requirements and controlled by pneumatic valves for compressed air inlet and pressure relief to ensure the preset pressure in the retort.

A warning light signals the end of the cycle, when it is over. The door opening is authorized to unload. It is then ready for a new cycle.

During the whole process, the rotating body rotates according to the preset rotate speed. (0-12R/M, customer assign rotate speed ).

Advantage of water immersion retort

water immersion retort almost can process all kinds of packages, especially for big vacuum packaging food and PP bottle. Two layers water immersion retort(with a hot water tank) can save water and steam。

Model 1200*3600 1500*5250
Volume 4.5m3 10m3
Steel thickness 5mm 8mm
Design temperature 145℃ 145℃
Design Pressure 0.44Mpa 0.44Mpa
Test Pressure 0.35Mpa 0.35Mpa
Material SUS304 SUS304



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